If you made it this far, you probably already know my name is Taylor... and that, well, I want to be your pal.

When I first started this blog at the very end of 2016 I really had no idea what I was doing. I had never created a website before, I had no idea what SEO was, or how to market my content so people (other than my family) could read it all.

What I did know, though, is that I wanted to do one thing: write.

I wanted to write about things I love, loathe, and lust after, but also about things I have experienced — the beautiful, the icky, and the hideous — and hope other millennials benefit from it.

So, a few months after graduating from college and starting a year-long journey at my dream job, I realized writing for me and for others were the very reasons I finished college with a Journalism degree.

In order to fill that desire, I started "The Sprinkle Blog," which has now become "The Millennial Sprinkle." Because whether you're looking for advice, inspiration, suggestions, or a little distraction, I want to be here for you with a sprinkle of everything to help Gens Y & Z navigate life — we're experiencing this together!

Just call me your virtual BFF.

Yes, I'm serious. SO! Connect with me below (and/or email me at tayloramead@gmail.com)! Ask me questions, I'll answer (and probably ask questions in return)! Tell me secrets, I'll listen (and likely vent myself)!

^ Even if you don't want/need to do any of that, you've made it this far, so we're already buddies. Thank YOU!

Taylor (your new bestie)