As a journalist who loves to write, it is important for me to do so both as a career and as a hobby, which is where this site comes in.
I am 23-years-old and graduated from Fordham University in May 2016 with a degree in Communication & Media Studies. Although I grew up in Connecticut, I have been creating new memories in NYC where I have been living permanently since leaving Fordham.

Moving to the Big Apple has been my aspiration since I was a little girl and to have the opportunity to pursue my writing career in a city as beautiful as this one is an absolute dream come true.

In the city I currently work on the editorial team for AOL's MAKERS, a platform dedicated to inspiring the next generation of women through the stories of current and prominent female role models.
When I'm not writing you will probably find me exploring new places (especially food-related events), cuddling with my two German Shepard dogs, or relaxing with my family, friends, and/or boyfriend.

Dedicated to a medley of things — from rants to how-tos — this blog is a 
sprinkle of everything and anything I love, loathe, and lust after (and everything in between).

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