Monday, June 19, 2017

8 Ways to Challenge Yourself In Summer 2017

Here's to Summer 2017: Your Unofficial List of Challenges

When I left my job at the beginning of May to prepare for my next adventure, I made a promise to myself.

What I wanted was a few months to relax, travel, and think of how I wanted the next step of my journey to look, but what I didn't want was to sleep my summer away, stay in my pajamas every day, and eat my weight in junk food. Because all of those things, honestly, are just too easy.

I promised myself I'd live in balance: Be productive, yet relaxed; travel, but also enjoy time at home; write, without allowing it to feel like "work"; et cetera.

Of course, though, some of these "rules" I made are easier than others. Rainy weather often makes me want to stay in my pjs and binge-watch Netflix all day & increased humidity does not make me any more motivated to get moving.

So, just as people often write down yearly resolutions, I decided to create a list to hold me accountable AND I'd love for you to join me.

Together, let's kick butt this summer. Here are my challenges to... us (but mostly me):

1. Maintain a steady schedule.

I am so used to waking up around 8am to get to work Monday-Friday, but without a 9-5, life can become a blur. What day is it again? KIDDING... But, seriously - I never want to forget what day it is, because that's when you know you're not on any sort of schedule. Waking up at the same time, setting daily priorities (especially on the weekends), and going to bed at a normal hour (something I need to fix), are all a part of a healthy and steady schedule.

2. Stay healthy.

Getting sick happens and since my immune system is fairly nonexistent (at least in the winter), I'm bracing myself to beat the heat and the colds. By taking daily vitamins, eating a balanced diet (or almost balanced + a little extra room for my sweet tooth... but cut me some slack), and staying active every day, I think I've got this in the bag.

3. Wake up early every day.

This will definitely be easier once I stop going to bed at 3am, but summer technically hasn't started yet, so just you wait. My goal is to wake up every day around the same time (time TBD) and just a little bit later on the weekends. I will keep you updated on how this goes as this is definitely one of the biggest challenges for me on the list.

4. Get a good amount of R&R.

Key words here are "good amount." Rest and relaxation is important in moderation each day, but these are by no means the only things I will be doing each day. This R&R is a commitment to investing time in myself, but knowing when enough's enough. See above & below for important tasks if you're ever wondering "Well, what else should I be doing?"

Here's to Summer 2017: Your Unofficial List of Challenges

5. Collaborate with someone new.

Collaboration will look different for everyone, but whether it's working with a coworker to get a job done better, faster, and stronger or teaming up with a fellow blogger/creative to work on a new project, now's the chance! This summer, I hope to collaborate with other bloggers or brands to create something I haven't tried before.

6. Make a new friend.

This one is tough because making friends after college is well hard. But between attending conferences and traveling, I hope to meet new and interesting people along the way, some of whom I might be able to call my new pals.

7. Do something that frightens you.

You know the classic quote about "nothing good coming from comfort zones?" (or whatever it is, you know the one) Well, I'm going to step out of mine and do something that frightens me. What will you do that frightens you?

8. Travel somewhere new.

I will be traveling to a few different destinations this summer, but one place for sure I have never been: Nashville, Tennessee. Here's to hoping there will be other spots checked off my travel bucket list.



Here's to Summer 2017: Your Unofficial List of Challenges

What else would you add to this list? Is there one promise you made to yourself this summer that you hope to achieve?

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  1. Love this! Balance is so incredibly important.. And consistency is something I am working on when it comes to waking up and working out. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Consistency and balance are so tough, but definitely something I'm striving to get to. I TOTALLY feel you about waking up/working out. Thanks so much for reading! xo

  2. These were some great suggestions. It's almost over where I live but these can still be applied. Thanks for sharing and what a lovely read.

    1. Oh no! Well I hope they're helpful for you as the season changes, regardless (or next summer)! Thanks so much for reading, Jackie! xo

  3. Since summer is just kicking off this is great timing for me! Love these ideas! Getting up early every day is so hard though! But I get it! Gotta try harder! Lol

    1. Oh girl, I KNOW! HAHA It is such a struggle for me. By "early" I mean 10:30am... yikes! But tomorrow is technically the first day of summer here, so maybe we'll begin then? Because, hey, there is no rule against naps!! :) Thanks for reading, Megan xo

  4. good read, for me traveling while still earning is a lot to enjoy much more of life than going into a routine daily work job. Enjoy your new life adventure this summer!

    1. Thank you so much, Norbis! I hope you manage to find time for yourself around all the working and travel! xo