Monday, May 1, 2017

The Ultimate New York City Bucket List: 26 Spring & Summer Activities in the Big Apple

I officially have just about a month left in New York City before I move back home to Connecticut, but you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be back and forth quite a bit for some of my favorite spring and summer pastimes.

In fact, aside from Christmastime, the warm months are the absolute best time to be out and about in New York as there is always something to do (both inside and outside) and the city is buzzing with excitement.

For that reason, I've compiled your ultimate NYC bucket list of places to go and activities to enjoy, some I have already done (and have to do again) and many that I hope to do, to make your upcoming city visits special.

Don't have a trip planned? Well, for what are you waiting?

☐ Visit the New York Botanical Gardens

☐ Ride bikes through Central Park
☐ Rent a paddleboat at Loeb Boathouse in Central Park
☐ Buy tickets to see a New York Yankees or Mets game (Yankees are better)
☐ Sip on a Loopy Pop cocktail at the Conrad Hotel's Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar
☐ Eat all you can at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn
☐ Walk the High Line
☐ Cross the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn and back (or vice versa)
☐ Go bar hopping in each of the five boroughs
☐ Shop 'til you drop at the Brooklyn Flea Market
☐ Rush a Broadway show
☐ Take a ferry to Governor's Island
☐ Picnic in Central Park (or Prospect Park, or any of the parks)
☐ Visit the Bronx, Central Park, or Prospect Park Zoo
☐ Spend the day at Coney Island
☐ Enjoy a dinner cruise out of Chelsea Piers
☐ Get moving at an outdoor fitness class
☐ Experience the joy of Wowfulls
☐ Mini-golf at the pier
Rollerblade in Central Park

Go kayaking in the Hudson River

Watch a movie outdoors
Spend the day at Rockaway Beach

Buy your produce at a local farmers market
Ride in a hot air balloon
Take in the scenery at The Met Cloisters

Have other suggestions? Comment below with your favorite warm-weather activity to do in NYC.

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  1. Love all these! I personally love summer in NYC -- so quiet with most of the people away. Govenors Island is my fave of the batch. I also love taking advantage of summer streets -- when Park Avenue is blocked off for 3 Saturdays in August. It's perfect for running or biking without having to worry about traffic.

    1. Ah! I never knew Park Ave was blocked off some Saturdays in August! I will definitely be checking that out! Thanks for reading, Kayla!


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