6 Ways To Stay Inspired When You Are In A Slump

It's only natural to get in a slump sometimes. Whether you are a writer, an artist, a musician, or have just had those days/weeks where things did not feel like they were coming as naturally, it's normal.

It is only human to make mistakes, have flaws, and experience moments of uncertainty and if I am being entirely honest, this moment of uncertainty happened for me... last week.

For one whole week I was completely unable to think of a blog post concept and even yesterday when I sat down to write this post on staying inspired, I couldn't find the words.

While I can't quite put my finger on why, I just didn't feel myself, my creative juices were pretty much stagnant, and I felt extra exhausted every day despite getting 7+ hours of sleep a night.

But, when you do something every day and put pressure on yourself to always give it your all and make it the best you can, it makes sense to have "those days" or those "weeks." So I kept telling myself that, because it really is okay.

Here are a few of the things I have learned to do when I have one of those moments:

1. Give myself a day or few days off.

Sometimes I will sit down to write a blog post and it just won't happen. Either I have the idea, but the words won't come or the idea flops. In this situation there are sadly only two options: 1. Write a bogus post that will not be helpful, exciting, or fun or 2. Take a day off... or as much time as you need. When the pressure is off, often my ideas start flowing again. Last week, I was pretty much out of solid ideas and now, Tuesday of the following week, it is finally coming to fruition. Time off often is the only answer. No, I am not suggesting you take a week off from your job or school because you are in a slump. I am simply saying that if you need a day or two to slow yourself down, you can do so without forgetting your priorities.

2. Take a break and come back to it.

Sometimes I don't need a full day to get back at it, I just need a few minutes or hours. If I am midway through a post and I start to slow down or I get tired, I'll take a break and leave it for later in the day. Breaks, whether short or long, make the world of a difference.

3. Think outside the box.

This actually seems so obvious and sort of ridiculous because if you can't find inspiration, "thinking outside the box" is not really possible. But hear me out! Sometimes if I am completely lost, I think about all of the things I would want to read that I have not read online or can write about in a different way. In this case, thinking outside the box means thinking outside of what everyone else is writing. One of the only ways to do that is to make personal posts. Yikes! Sometimes this idea can be daunting, but the truth is, only you can tell YOUR story. Frequently people get their inspiration from others, but some of the best ideas come from your own lived experiences. I always consider my personal struggles and/or successes from the week before, things I have recently done, or things I look forward to doing in the future to create posts that can be unique to me. (This blog post, for example, is entirely based off of something I went through last week).

4. Quality over quantity.

For me, ensuring that I get a weekly post published is not as important as making sure they are posts of which I can be proud. I think recently I have come to the realization that taking off the pressure to post every week and instead focusing on what I want to post when I can is entirely acceptable.

5. Brainstorm with others.

Do you ever have those moments throughout the day when you are like "someone should make a movie about this" or "someone should totally write something about this"? My answer: frequently. And, believe it or not, people do all the time. Ask those around you if there is something they have thought about recently — is there something new that interests them? Do they have any struggles they are going through that you could write about for your followers to relate? Successes? Do they want to contribute any of their ideas as a guest blogger? Friends and family may actually be your best inspiration for new ideas.

6. Find an alternate motivator

Having more than one hobby and/or outlet is key to finding inspiration, even if it's simply going to the gym to get your endorphins flowing when you are feeling uninspired. Does something outside of your main passion motivate you and help you relax? I like to try focusing on my other hobbies when I can't think of things to write so as to not get frustrated.


6 Ways To Stay Inspired When You Are In A Slump - The Millennial Sprinkle

How do you get out of a slump? Share below!


  1. I have to take a break from time to time too! It gets to be a lot to worry about sometimes! Quality takes time <3 I always like to go edit old posts to make them better if I can't think of anything. I also have about 63 drafts right now (mostly workout circuits) but I'll just write the title even if I don't have anything to put in it yet for later when I'm feeling motivated <3 keep up the great work! Love your blog

    1. Kit! YES! I love the idea of editing old posts to make them better if you can't think of anything, that's brilliant! I also have tons of drafts with title ideas, but sometimes even if you have the idea, the words just seem stuck. It happened all last week, but I pushed through! It's nice to take a break sometimes and accept the fact that we can't be endless machines of creativity. Taking a break from writing is an exercise in itself, it will strengthen your writing once you get back. Thanks so much for reading! :)

  2. Some great tips! Only realised recently that sometimes you just need to take the pressure off and be kind to yourself :)

    1. Thanks, Jodie! I agree, it's hard to realize sometimes just how important it is to ease up on ourselves! Thank you for reading :)