The One Simple Thing You Should Do For Women's History Month

Since I started working at an outlet like MAKERS where women's stories are uncovered and celebrated in abundance, I have become increasingly interested in learning the stories of those around me on a daily basis.

Living in New York City, I am surrounded by people from all walks of life. On the subway, on the street, in the office, everywhere. Where are they from? Where are they going? Who do they love? What are their hobbies? Will their stories — no matter how unimportant they may seem — be passed along?

This constant curiosity made me realize just how easy it is for stories to get lost in time. Particularly for women. And though the award winning "Hidden Figures" film did an incredible job of uncovering the stories of NASA's "human computers" Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson, just imagine all of the other women's stories that were lost in history... Especially those women who did not have an extravagant life with outstanding achievements.

So, since March is officially Women's History Month, I am hoping to hear the stories of even the seemingly average women and girls. Because every story deserves to be told.

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1. Find an outlet where you can submit personal content.
Many outlets accept personal testimonies or editorials through "contributor submissions." Sometimes, you may even get paid for these contributions! Three places that may be particularly useful for you:
  • The Huffington Post: "We're always looking for posts that are succinct, shareable and satisfying. Have something to say that nobody else is saying, or a personal story everyone will relate to? Send it to us"
  • Narratively: "Devoted to original and untold human stories, delivered in the most appropriate format for each piece, from writing to short documentary films, photo essays, audio stories and comics journalism. We are always interested in adding new, diverse voices to the mix and we pay for stories."
  • MAKERS Stories App: "The MAKERS Stories app aims to empower women to be their own storytellers and to change the world one story at a time."

2. Create and share a personal YouTube video.
While I am by no means a filmmaker, videos are one of the best ways to tell a story in a unique and eye-catching way. Whether you have a YouTube channel or just want to upload one video of you or a friend, this platform is definitely a promising option.

3. Write a blog post.
Celebrate 'you' with a special piece about yourself. Share your story with your followers so they get to know you on a personal level. Don't have a blog? Try posting your story or short personal essay on your social accounts. Facebook? Tumblr? Who knows, maybe even you can do it in 140 character parts on Twitter — no matter what you choose, you can get creative!

4. Jot it all down in your diary/journal.
If you don't feel comfortable making your story public or promoting it across social media, simply write it in your private diary or journal. Your story may not seem like much now, but over time you can add to it, update it, and watch your personal story unfold. Plus, even if your story may not seem "noteworthy" to strangers, your current/future children and grandchildren might enjoy reading it later in life... and you might, too.

5. Comment below and I will promote my favorites across social.
Tell me a small piece about what makes your story special in the comments section below! Throughout the month I will promote pieces of my favorite comments with the hashtag #ASprinkleOfHerstory. Be sure to leave your Twitter handle/Facebook link so I can tag you if you are chosen! Don't want to leave a comment? Share your story using this hashtag and I will happily retweet!

As some of you already know (hopefully most), my name is Taylor, I am 23-years-old, and to be honest, aside from my college entrance essay, I've never really written about myself, so bear with me as I am new to this.

The thing is, I have always loved to write. Whether it's about things that inspire me, the successes of empowering women, or a topic I feel will be helpful for readers, writing gives me an outlet to share my voice and connect with others in a powerful way.

From the time I could walk, I was always taking dance classes. I never competed seriously and though I was far from the best (probably actually closer to the worst), it was a creative outlet that I held onto.

By the time high school came to an end, I decided I was going to move onto different things. High school was filled with ups and downs — ones that, in my young mind, felt like the happiest and worst times I would ever go through. But by the time graduation rolled around, I was ready to move on.

Eventually, I began my first classes as a full time student at Fordham University in New York. Here, I got my first internship and quickly realized I wanted to end up in a field in which whatever I created impacted those around me.

For me, these creations came in the form of writing. Through my college years, I applied to any and every open position, leading to internships at television shows, including "Inside Edition" and the "Rachael Ray Show" and magazines, including "Marie Claire" and "ELLE."

I wrote for my hometown's local newspaper, blogged for a startup, contributed to "I AM THAT GIRL" and "Spire & Co," became president of a campus club, and eventually ended up where I am today.

Now, in the months following my college graduation, I have found myself increasingly curious about the stories of women. These stories are some of the very ones we tell at MAKERS, which is the very inspiration for my blog. I wanted to tell my own story in a series of posts that others could relate to, so that I could one day look back and see just how far I have come both professionally and personally.

Why this has all happened is quite the question, but regardless of the reason for it, I believe I have ended up here so I can use my words to influence others. Whether I have an impact on 5 million people or 7 over the course of my life, knowing that my words are out there and have been meaningful to at least one person — even myself — is enough to make it worth it.

Let's make sure we are a part of history! Tell me one thing about you or someone you know in the comment section below and/or share your story with #ASprinkleOfHerstory.

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  1. I'm not a women, but this was inspiring indeed! :)

    1. Gregory, I am so glad you were inspired! You are a great ally! I would love to hear your story, too! Do you or a friend have a story you'd like to share? Thanks for reading!

  2. Love this!! It's so true: every woman needs her story told! You've created a very cool platform to share:)

    1. Thank you so much, Samantha! It's so so true, everyone has a story and everyone should be able to tell it. I would love to hear a little about your story! Do you have anything you'd like to share?

  3. This is such a great way to share women's stories! I love this so inspiring... most of the influential people in my life have happened to be female, it's nice to acknowledge that fact.

    1. That's amazing! I'm so happy so many of the influential people you know are women! Thanks for reading, Robin! Kick ass this month (and every month). xo

  4. Happy Women's Month Taylor!

    We are living herstory which so amazing to think about!

    Thanks for sharing your story, and your suggestions on how I can cherish my own story - which isn't quite anywhere near finished as yet.

    I'm still in progress, but I'm a Creative Entrepreneur from Toronto who loves creating beautiful things, whether that's a family portrait or a website for a client. I also blog to inspire other dreamers + hustlers to build their own dream lives. A bit of my tale of escaping the 9-5 is in my first blog post, The Miseducation & Misemployment of Nadalie.

    Continuing being amazing, I am confident you will impact and inspire many!


    Nadalie, It's All You Boo
    My New Post: What's Your Superpower?

    1. Nadalie, thank you so so much! I think everyone's story continues to be written and sometimes even rewritten. Yours is just beginning, but I'm sure it will be impactful! I'm absolutely loving your new post about superpowers! Such an inspiring post. Everyone has a superpower, it's finding it and using it that makes it effective. xo

  5. This is awesome thanks for sharing your advice and tips!

  6. I love celebrating Women's History Month! Great tips! I feel like YouTube is best for telling stories. Stories are better interpreted when heard than when read. :-)


    1. I think that's a great point! I love the visuals with the stories I read or hear. Whether it's through photos or video, visuals are definitely important. Do you have a YouTube channel? Would love to look and will definitely check out Befitting Style. xxoo

  7. Love seeing women build each other up! Great platform!

    1. Thank you so much for reading! It's so important for women to empower other women and I that's one thing I strive to do everyday :)

  8. such a great post babe! women's history month is definitely worth celebrating and I'll definitely be keeping your tips in mind xo, sharon

    1. Thanks so much, Sharon! I'm so happy you enjoyed the post and look forward to checking out your blog! xx

  9. It's really great what you're doing! And your love for writing just shows with every word I read. I'm glad I've found your blog... better later than never, right? :)


    1. Iga, this is so so sweet! Thank you so much for your kind words and for taking the time to read! I cannot wait to check out your blog. xo

  10. You've had so many amazing internships, congrats!

    Caitlin, Beauty & Colour

    1. Thank you so much, Caitlin! It has been quite an incredible experience :) Can't wait to check out your blog!