Sunday, January 29, 2017

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Before we graduated in May 2016, my boyfriend and I spent the two years before living directly across the hall from one another in our residence halls. So, come post-grad life, when he was living back at home in Philadelphia and I was moving into my first "big girl" apartment in New York City, things were not nearly (in the most literal sense) as fun.

Quickly, we began to figure out how different life in the real world was, but thankfully found a schedule that worked. For the most part, we see each other every other weekend and talk constantly between those times.

But, when Hallmark holidays like the lovely Valentine's Day don't fall on a weekend, we have to work around it. So this year, we are celebrating a little early — our first such Valentine's Day more than a hallway apart.

Thankfully, we've realized the fact that, while not ideal, long-distance relationships can actually be kind of fun. In fact, looking through some of the ideas for things I can send to him on February 14th, I found a few that are actually a whole lot more fun than some of the gifts I would give him if he didn't live a few states away.

With the help of some amazing sites like Etsy and Google, I came up with a few of my favorites. Here's a collection of some long-distance gift ideas for the loved ones in your life who live far away and/or the galentine's who just miss your sweet face.

1 & 4. Chocolates and other candies
The thing about Valentine's Day is that it's the most acceptable time to be predictable. In fact, most clichés are actually preferred (correct me if I'm not in the majority on this one) — chocolates and candies being two of my absolute favorites. But, while chocolates and candies are pretty foreseeable, they can still be a surprise. I've gathered a few of the most unique options here:

     Ones I've Tried AND loved:
            Personalized M&Ms:
Yes, M&Ms — a true classic that, when personalized, will taste even sweeter.

            Sugarfina Valentine's Candy (i.e. Love You A Bunch Rosé Roses):
For those who don't like or can't have chocolate (like my boyfriend... I KNOW), Sugarfina gummy candies are the perfect festive treats. Whether your Valentine prefers candy strawberries, gummy roses, or sugar-coated hearts, Sugarfina's got your gift-giving needs covered.

     Ones I'd Love to Try:
            WhatCandySays Personalized Chocolate Messages

2. Balloons or flowers
Balloons are never a bad idea... right? Next to (or in addition to) flowers, balloons can put a smile on anyone's face. I'm not quite sure why helium filled sacs are so joyful, but they are, and your s/o would love a bundle sent directly to his/her door. And, speaking from experience, it feels almost as good to send them as it does to receive them. Looking for some original ones? Try one of these fun/exclusive finds:
            Emoji Valentine's Balloons
            Word Balloons
            Funny Love Balloons

3. Cute trinkets
Whether it's a keychain, jewelry, a book, or a stuffed animal, something small can often send some of the most romantic vibes. Check out some of these fun gifts from my Christmas gift roundup for just some of my favorite ideas.

5. Framed photos or mementos

If you cannot be together in spirit, a photographed reminder is the next best thing. Put a picture in a pretty frame or add that movie ticket stub from your first date (or whatever the memento may be) and send it their way. Some that I absolutely love can be found on Minted:
           Love You, Love

            Heart Snapshot Mix
            Love Letters

. Written poems or letters

Obviously this love letter pin is adorable, but when it comes down to it, gestures and purchases can only go so far in saying "I love you." If you haven't already (or, honestly, even if you have), writing a poem or love letter from the heart is really the way to go, especially if you are sending your V-Day gifts a long distance. Because nothing is quite like receiving a handwritten letter, even if it just says "Hi" — but, I recommend writing more than just that.

1. Skype Dinner Date

So you can't be in the same state because Valentine's Day falls in the middle of the week (so inconvenient)? Try a Skype or FaceTime date. Although not ideal, the added effort could potentially make your date extra romantic because it shows your commitment. Cook up the same dish, pour yourselves a glass of wine, and cheers through your smartphone or laptop because even though you can't hold hands or kiss at dinner, you can still see one another.

2. Movie Night

After dinner, put on a movie and continue video-chatting or switch to talking on the phone throughout the film. Pretend as though there is nothing between you (other than a couple thousand miles) and enjoy the night. Personal recommendation: opt for a dramedy or just a straight up comedy so you don't end up crying too hard while watching a sappy movie without your s/o there to console you. It'll be great.

3. Game Night

You do what you got to do, right? Though we've never tried this one, I'm honestly thinking of making it a thing because there are plenty of games on our smartphones. My boyfriend and I particularly love Heads Up, which we could definitely play via Skype. And Words with Friends and/or Trivia Crack could be just as fun, too.

Are you in a long distance relationship? What are some of your favorite gift/date ideas to celebrate special occasions when you cannot be together?


  1. Loved all the Vday gift ideas! Hope you guys have a great Valentine's Day :)


    1. Thank you so much, Mona! It will be our first Valentine's Day apart, but we will be celebrating next weekend! Can't wait! Thanks for reading!

  2. All these Valentine's gift ideas sound cool! I loved the Skype Dinner date idea :)

    1. Thank you so much for reading! My boyfriend and I have been doing distance for a while, so Skype date was the first idea we could have to celebrate Valentine's Day on a Tuesday! Hope you had a day filled with love!

  3. awww what a beautiful post. the 2 of your make a stunning couple. It is hard to have a long distance relationship but you look like you have everything figured out

    1. Thank you so much, Stacey! It's definitely challenging, but I think we're stronger because of it. Skype dates are also really fun! :) Thanks for reading!