Monday, January 9, 2017

5 Tips for Getting Organized This Week

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We are officially a little over a week into 2017 and while the whole "new year, new me" saying is a little silly (I mean, you're the same you, you know?), I do believe in fresh starts.

Whether you have chosen to skip the resolutions this year or set goals around physical/mental health, relationships, and/or other, 2017 is your year. It's our year.

Because what makes for a good year is not whether or not we stick to the resolutions we set on day 1, but whether we find health, happiness, and self-growth in those 365.

While I did set goals for myself this year, I also know my goals for today may not be the same a month or even a week from now, so if I don't stick to all of the resolutions I've made, it's never to late to make new ones.

So, in addition to my longterm goals, I will be setting short-term ones as well. This week's goal? Getting organized. Here's what I hope to do this week:

1. Organize all email accounts.
Like many people, I have several email accounts — a work one, a personal one, and a school one — and each one, of course, is subscribed to approximately 38+ different online shopping sites. J.Crew, LOFT, Forever 21, Nordstrom, that store I cannot even remember the name of and don't know how I even came across it, et cetera. All because, I admit it, I'm addicted to online shopping. But, I mean, who can resist those coupon and promo codes? AND because organization will help me this year as I advance in my career (but really because I am definitely not one with self-control when given 30% off), I will be clicking the "unsubscribe" button on (some) of those email chains that clutter up my inbox, deleting old/unnecessary messages, and sorting new ones into folders.

Photo Credit: Helene in Between

2. Backup photos and videos.
Pretty soon that dreaded message will pop up on my lock screen alerting me to the fact that there is insufficient storage on my phone and unlike every other time, this time I do not want to be in the middle of something important. Plus, in the name of getting myself organized, making sure all of my photos and videos are safely downloaded into Google Photos, I can delete them to make room for more.

3. Jot down everything in my planner.
I was so excited to get The Happy Planner for 2017 because I knew it was the answer to remaining organized and starting to plan out my day-to-day schedule. The truth? I buy a planner at the start of every year without fail, but almost always stop using it within a few weeks. This year, I will make sure to carry the planner with me everywhere. In the planner I will write out reminders to make sure I keep to goals, appointments, and scheduling. These are the things I will jot down:
  • Job appointments, meetings, and projects
  • Blog post schedules
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Gym schedule
  • Trips

Photo Credit: Helene in Between

4. De-clutter desk drawers.
If there is one thing in my office that I have to sort through, it's the drawers in the storage unit under my desk. I'll de-clutter my desk by re-organizing or tossing those loose papers, pens, and binders inside.

5. Delete iPhone apps I no longer use.
When it comes to phone storage, photos and videos are just a small small part of the problem. So, as a second way of preventing a tantrum from an over-stuffed iPhone, I will be getting rid of the apps on my phone that I no longer use.

Photo Credit: Helene in Between

From now on, in my phone's Notes or my new Happy Planner, I will write down weekly goals for myself to ensure that my 2017 resolutions don't go, well, unresolved.

What are some of your short-term goals?

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  1. As a minimalist, I am always being very mindful of extraneous things in my life. This list is great for people wanting to start 2017 organized!

    1. Thank you so much, Bianca! It's definitely a list that I hope to keep reminding myself of as things get cluttered and a little overwhelming in life. You're very right about being mindful of extraneous things in life! Sometimes I tend to procrastinate on the tasks that aren't necessary to "fix" in the moment — i.e. a cluttered email inbox – and it starts to build up. I think being more mindful of things immediately will be helpful moving forward instead of putting them off until when they may become overwhelming. Thanks again for the read and inspiration!

  2. I truly do need to tackle my emails but they are so overwhelming!

    1. Right?! That is honestly the most dreadful part of the list, but also probably the most important one for me! I keep putting it off because it's such a tedious and overwhelming task, but I know I will feel better once I get it done! Good luck to you in organizing yours :) Thank you so much for reading, Carrie!