Monday, December 5, 2016

Tales to Inspire

If I could choose one thing to make more of a priority in my daily schedule, it would definitely be reading. Because as much as I love to read, so many other things take precedence over actually doing so.

So, I've made a [before the] New Year's resolution: Read.

Though there are about one million novels and memoirs I would love to get through, I had to — of course — narrow it down in order to make the resolution more feasible.

Below, I've chosen just 6 of the books I have yet to read and I promise myself I will get through at least one by the beginning of January.

Click the image above to view an enlarged PDF with each of the items linked, or simply click through the list below:

Do you have books on your must-read list? Or have a book in mind that you just love and want to recommend? Comment below with your favorites! (I would love some more suggestions.)

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