Saturday, November 19, 2016

Get to Know: The Sprinkle

Let's just say, "The Sprinkle" has been a long time coming.

For [at least] the last 5 years I have played around with the idea of starting a blog, but nothing ever really stuck.

Despite many attempts at creating one that made sense, I could never decide on the theme — Fashion? Food? Photography? Career?

I was too focused on finding the right platform to use, thinking of the perfect site name, and choosing what I wanted to focus on instead of actually taking the plunge.

I would create one, decide I didn't like it, and start another because it wouldn't feel quite "right."

Now, I'm 23-years-old, a college graduate writing for an amazing women's platform called MAKERS, and have finally decided to be decisive. Decided to be decisive — you get the point.

Eventually, I asked myself what I truly enjoyed writing about. And when I thought it through, I realized that choosing one focus for the blog just would not cover all my interests. I would have to create 15 different blogs for all the things I love to write about.

Eventually it occurred to me that a blog that would best suit me would be a sprinkle of everything.

From posts on restaurant suggestions and excursion options to survival guides and life hacks, there will hopefully be something for everyone.

In anticipation for this week's upcoming Thanksgiving holiday post, get to know more about me here.

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